A Small Company that does a lot

Combining many years of experience with a constant drive to learn and keep abreast of industry changes has resulted in a company that does a big variety of design oriented work while keeping the team nimble.

Taking on challenges and performing optimally

Over the years we've increased our offering to include everything from huge data management to website design to desktop publishing and document layout to the creation of bespoke maps and promotional videos.

Maintaining a reliable track record for over 20 years

From when we started with our first 2 small town printed directories, we've been consistent and reliable in our service and quality. 20 years later, 6 print and web directories, a large website portfolio, an online store and over 5000 followers on social media really shows our integrity.

Envelope stack

We'll create your ideal project excellently and inexpensively


This was the second time I’ve used Salamander Publishing to design my website. I had changed the nature of my work and wanted to redesign a new website, they did an emasculate job the first time and have done it again. I have had many changes to my offering over the last few months and Salamander has updated and created a beautiful functional website that always reflects my work and is easy to navigate and amend.

I am incredibly happy with the service I’ve received from them with every job they’ve undertaken for me and would highly recommend their work. They are absolute professionals and go to great lengths to supply their clients with exactly what they’ve asked for.
I have found Salamander Publishing to be a professional company with which to work. They are ethical, efficient and reliable. The exposure they offer is invaluable and an important element to any business. Highly recommended!
Nicole was incredible. She was extremely patient and professional. She guided the three of us and gave us her honest opinion throughout the process of setting up our online store for our small gin distillery based in Elgin Valley, which we really appreciated. Whenever we asked her to change something on the site she did it immediately and gave us instant feedback. The whole process was efficient and quick, all it entailed was one meeting on Zoom and follow up emails. The after sales service has been amazingly prompt and instant.

Nicole designed a beautiful website with an online shop, we have had very positive feedback from many people and we are grateful to her. Thank you Nicole for helping us and for simplifying a task that we thought would be daunting. You have given us a website that we are very proud of.

We would highly recommend you to everyone, what a pleasure it was working with you.