Salamander Publishing considers the protection of our clients privacy and information of utmost importance. We only use contact and business information for our own work process and to publish in the printed directory or to be listed as a business on the Hello websites. We never sell or give any information away to third parties. All employees and service providers contracted to Salamander Publishing sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to honour this policy. At any time, information may be requested to be removed from the print publications or Hello website without recourse.


This website tracks some user information about visits but no personal information is gained, stored or used.

Newsletters & Announcements

Salamander Publishing circulates emails to its database of email addresses and listings from the books to announce new sales periods and the release of newly printed directory books. In addition to this, Salamander Publishing circulates news of its clients. This is done only once a month and is treated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Furthermore, only clients who take a full page print advert or a website banner advert qualify for this service.

Listing Information

Salamander Publishing does not accept liability for any mistakes, or for any loss, directly or indirectly, that may occur due to the data in any of our publications or websites. We endeavour to present the most correct information possible. Please send us any changes, suggestions or additions in writing via email or letter. See our contact information here.

Paper Trail

Salamander Publishing only places adverts where we have acceptance of the advert and/or its artwork in writing. If we have received telephonic agreement or agreement in person, we follow this conversation up with an email but do not require receipt or response to this email as confirmation of the advert placement.


It is the responsibility of the client to check that the contact information, content, colours, validity and all other attributes of the advert are correct before going to print. Salamander Publishing will always send new artwork to clients for approval before going to print. Unless changes to previous artwork are requested, Salamander Publishing will use the artwork that we have on file. Salamander Publishing has the right to reject or redo artwork that is not sufficient in resolution or quality.

New Artwork or Edits to Existing Artwork

Salamander Publishing offers a service to create or edit artwork free of charge, up to 3 changes. Thereafter, an hourly fee will be charged. Please contact us to get the latest hourly rate.


We request that images to be used in adverts be high resolution (300dpi or more). Where possible photos should be professionally taken. Images should be sent as an attachment to an email or submitted via WeTransfer. We have the right to reject poor quality images and photos, as well as those sent within the body text of an email or pasted into a MS Word document. Please contact us if you need assistance with taking or sending photos and images.


If the artwork is made by Salamander Publishing, all the fonts used are kept on file should they be needed for any other purpose. If a specific font has to be used for an advert (i.e. according to company policy), we ask that the client provide this font.


Salamander Publishing reserves the right to place adverts in the layout of the print books in whichever order is deemed necessary. Full page adverts are prioritised over other sized adverts with the rule of thumb that they will be placed on the right hand side page where ever possible. Despite requests for a specific position of an advert placement, adverts are placed in a descending order according to the size of the advert, with the universal understanding that top right hand side of the spread is the most desirable
position and bottom left of the spread the least – prioritising largest to smallest. The layout of adverts will generally follow an alphabetical order but for the sake of legibility of the body of the text, adverts may be placed in a non-alphabetical order. It cannot be guaranteed that an advert will be positioned opposite its listing information. Upon request, adverts can be placed in the index or general information pages.


Upon request we can supply clients digital proofs of their print spread for approval before going to print.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of the print production we ask that clients check the following before sending us artwork or to check artwork we supply:

Artwork must be supplied with CMYK Fogra39 colour setting, with a minimum of 300dpi. Ensure that no font is smaller than 5pt. Check that no images are pixelated.

Print Runs

Salamander Publishing honours its promise by printing the quantity of books stipulated in the rate sheet. We do not announce an increase in print run. If, for whatever reason, we have to reduce the print run, we will always inform our clients before going to print so that they can reassess the value of partaking in the publication. Upon request we can supply a copy of the Delivery Note as proof of this policy.

Premium Listings

Salamander Publishing offers a product called a “Premium Listing”. This is a directory listing on one of the Hello websites (see links below) that has fully fleshed out information as opposed to a regular listing which only supplies a business name and telephone number. The Premium Listing includes the following: photos on random rotation, business contact information (telephone number, cellphone number, physical address, postal address), a description of the business, a map location with link to
directions in Google, links to website, various social media platforms and a contact button linked to a given email address. Furthermore, a Premium Listing is optimised for search engines with the use of key words and, unless stipulated specifically by our clients, these words are selected at the discretion of Salamander Publishing. The Hello websites are set to prioritise the Premium Listings among the search results. These results are presented in a random order that refreshes every hour. It is the responsibility of the client to cross-check the validity and accuracy of the Premium Listing. Regular listings are made Premium on receipt of payment.


Salamander Publishing monitors site visits on each of the Hello websites with the use of Google Analytics. We publish the statistics in a general way on each new rate sheet and give general feedback at the end of each year when addressing our clients in the year-end letter. We can supply specific statistics upon request.


Payment for adverts or Premium Listings is required before going to print. We will repeatedly persist in calling and corresponding until payment is made. Failure to do so will cause us to remove your listing from our website and ban you from partaking in future publications. If we still do not receive payment, we will submit your information to a debt collector with the right to blacklist you. 


We issue invoices on acceptance of artwork, before going to print. Unless otherwise stipulated, we send invoices to the email address via which we corresponded about the advert in question.


Salamander Publishing is a VAT registered company. All prices published are VAT inclusive and all invoices are issued to include VAT. Should you wish to claim VAT, the VAT details of the business are required to insert on the invoice.

Payment Plans

We are happy to arrange payment plans of up to 3 months to accommodate our clients but this must be agreed before going to print.


Please contact us regarding discounts.

Charity & NPO adverts

We place adverts for charity organisations, community organisations and non-profit organisations for free. These adverts are limited to an 1/8th size. The organisation will be invoiced for our accounting purposes and will indicated the price of the print advert with a 100% discount. If the invoice should reflect any registration or organisation numbers, please send these to our accounts department.


Salamander Publishing operates in a fair and reasonable manner and considers the needs of our clients to be of utmost importance. We accept and understand that we are not infallible in practice and do make the occasional mistake. If you, as a client, are dissatisfied with the result of a printed advert, please submit your complaint to us within one month of the publication release date and we will assess the situation. Based on a reasonable outcome we will offer a 10% discount on either the current or a future advert, as you prefer. 


We do not accept any verbal or written abuse and have the right to reject the business of anyone who treats us in an abusive manner. We consider shouting at us a form of abuse and will not tolerate this behaviour. Any complaints can be submitted to us in writing or discussed with us in a temperate and mild manner.

Location & Operation

Salamander Trading is situated in the Overberg and operates predominantly in the Boland and Overberg.

Work is often performed remotely so we are not always office bound. You can reach us on the following numbers:

+27 28 254 9121 or +27 84 313 3476

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